Here you can find download links for all the software mentioned on the projects page. It is important that you are aware of the license terms for the software you are going to download. For more information about each item you can click on the title of the section to go to the project page.

rTorrent Manager

A remote front-end for rTorrent as an extension for Mozilla Firefox. The latest release of rTorrent Manager is 0.6.0. Supported host application versions: Firefox 2.0 - 55.*. The package does not contain any native binary components, so it should run on any OS where Firefox can run.

XULRunner application

rTorrent Manager can be used as a separate XULRunner application. It will work with XULRunner 1.8.1 or newer (not included). A special download for Mac OS X is provided for the convenience of Mac users who are used to downloading applications in the form of a .dmg file. The generic package provided for other OS will work on Mac OS X too, but it requires additional actions to install.


Mozilla extensions developer's tools. The latest release of MX-Tools is 1.3. There are two different files to download. One is for Windows and the other one is for Linux, UNIX, or MacOS X. Both packages contain exactly the same set of tools. The difference is that in the download for Windows the scripts are wrapped into .bat files, while in the other download the scripts just have the executable bit set. Also line breaks in the text files in each package follow the conventions of the corresponding platform.